Website Brings Customers by the Bus Load!

I am excited to report on the success that one of our clients had from the Custom Website John Nicholson Web Design built for them!

Stevi B’s Pizza in Smyrna had 163 people come to their restaurant on a Friday in October ’13. The group was a high school marching band who had called Stevi B’s to make the reservation the week before. They had searched the Internet and found Stevi B’s Pizza Smyrna website online and were excited by the idea that the restaurant could accommodate their large group!

“Without a website, Stevi B’s Pizza could have very easily missed out on
this opportunity to serve the 3 Charter Bus Loads of high school students.”

Bus Load of Customers to Stevi Bs Pizza Smyrna

This really is a great success story for us because just before this event the owner of Stevi B’s Smyrna location asked me, “Do people really search the Internet for Restaurants that Cater to Large Groups”. My answer was, “Yes, they absolutely do!”.

This event happened just a few months after their website had been launched and I had suggested that, through our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service, we could help him to be found for bigger ticket items like this, rather than someone just searching for “pizza buffet”.  The restaurant offers Catering, Group Dining and Party Packages …so they can accommodate large groups quickly.

In this particular instance the band found his website through built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a service where John Nicholson added the necessary search engine elements which helped rank Stevi B’s website when a search was made for: “Large Group Accommodations”. The result was …when this customer searched for a location that could accommodate her group of 163 people near Smyrna, GA …Stevi B’s Pizza Smyrna website was listed in the search results!

This a very important element of web design and I tell people all the time to let a professional like us build your website or, at least, add the SEO into it. The reason is: a website that does not get found online is not doing your business any good, it is lost in cyber space and your potential customer is not going to dig past the first page of results on Google to find you.

Just months before Stevi B’s was in the same position – lost in cyber space. Even customers specifically looking for them on line could not find them, because they didn’t have a website and the local maps were pointed to a corporate website.

I met a contact at a Gary Hill Network luncheon and gave him a flyer telling him we help websites to be found better online. He said he had a friend that he would pass our information on to …and I’m glad he did! I am certain the owner of Stevi B’s Pizza in Smyrna is too, because now he can easily be found online for anyone searching for a great place for large groups to dine!

That’s how a professional website can bring customers in… by the bus load!